Navigational bridge simulator

Full task K-SIM NAVIGATION simulator produced by Kongsberg Digital. Date of install: 23.10.2018.

  • 3 independent parts with full vision, with possibility of executing three different exercises  at once

  • 12 own ship models

  • possibility of getting 200 floating objects in each exercise - realistic projection of traffic on seas and ports

  • navigation in ice  - simulation of different ice conditions

  • Training areas: Nor Svalbard NW (Ice Nav.), Kongsberg Field (DP), Fyn, Liverpool, Hamburg, Dutch South, English Channel East, Europort, Harwich, River Schelde, Zeebrugge, Bosphorus&Dardanelle, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo Bay, Suez Canal, Singapore.

  • possibility of getting any ship or area from Norcontrol library

  • Electronic chart – Sea Map 10 TM


  • AIS (Automatic Identification System)

  • Maritime specialistic courses with simulator's use: Shiphandling & manouvering, Bridge team management BTM , Ship simulator and bridge teamwork IMO 1.22 , Navigation in ice , AIS , ARPA/Radar , HLO , Turkish narrows passage (Bosfor i Dardanelle), Human Elements Leadership Management HELM , SAR cooperation , Heavy weather navigation, Ship to ship operations

Engine room simulator

Engine room simulator produced by UNITEST

  • 12 work stations + instructor's stations
  • 13 stations with e-learning UNITEST CBT system (31 programs on each station)
  • Engine simulators: LER3D, MED3D, MER 3D, PSV 3D, MER, TD5, SER, SER2, W-Xpert, VER 4.8HR
  • TD4 – 2 stations
  • Ver4 – 4 stacje  
  • Low speed engine console
  • Medium speed engine console
  • Engine room simulator equipped with touch screens (CMK)
  • MED3D, PSV, MER3D, LER 3D W-xpert