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This is not required. If you have any doubts about your health, check the contraindications for working at sea here, or visit a doctor authorized to issue marine certificates. Our students prepare a health certificate for the seaman's book between the first and second semester.

No! With us, you have a much shorter path to your goal and a prestigious profession. You do not have to graduate from university, you do not even have to pass a high school diploma. You only need to finish high school and with our help you will become a Merchant Navy Officer in just two and a half years. The only way to get to your dream job is an exam before the CMKE Central Examination Board, for which we will prepare you well.

After receiving the documents, the School Secretariat will contact you to arrange an online interview. The conversation will take place via the Click Meeting platform, to which you will receive a link and instructions, and the possibility of arranging a convenient time for a tour around our facility.

Register on our website and you will receive all information by e-mail.

A set of documents: a photocopy of the secondary school leaving certificate (or a copy thereof), 2 ID photos, sea documents (optional) must be submitted in person at the school office or sent by post / courier. If you are submitting documents in person, take the originals to confirm that they conform to the copy.

Link: Download the document

You are only two and a half years away from becoming an officer. The first two semesters are about acquiring knowledge in the School - we will teach you the most important things necessary in the work of a navigator and mechanic. After one year of theory, it's time to practice - the third and fourth semesters are swimming. Yes! Already in the second year of your studies at the Maritime School, you set off on your first cruise (for which you get paid monthly)! After returning from internships, you come back to us for one more semester of study.

Our staff currently consists of 130 experienced educators and practitioners. The lecturers can boast many years of professional experience, both in working on ships, in shipping companies and in the Maritime Administration. We employ the best enthusiasts in their field, who share their knowledge and experience in an interesting way, solidly preparing students for work at sea.

The teaching base of the Maritime School is constantly being expanded. We make sure that our students work on the most modern equipment that will professionally prepare them for later work at sea. That is why we have many different simulators, incl. navigation bridge, engine room, communications or electronic maps. We have some of them as the only ones in Poland and few in the world, so classes in our School can be safely called interesting!

To be able to start swimming and receive an officer's diploma, it is necessary to have specialized training, i.e. passing individual courses. All courses are included in the curriculum at the Maritime School and you do not have to pay additional fees for this - they are included in the total amount of tuition for the entire period of study.

It is no secret that the seafaring profession is one of the most highly paid professions. Working at sea is demanding, but also financially rewarding. Especially for a young man who is just entering adulthood. The monthly salary is much higher than what would be possible for the first job on land. On average it is around 2,500 EUR.