Become a mechanic officer

During the 2.5-year-long School, we will prepare you to work on a ship as an officer mechanic. During the second year, you will complete a 12-month compulsory maritime internship that will cover as much as 90% of your tuition fees - sounds promising, right?

For whom?

Specialization, after which work is looking for you.

The end of high school is approaching inexorably and you don't know what you want to do in the future? The current job does not meet your financial requirements? Become a mechanic officer - this is one of the most sought-after maritime professions.

Professional prospects

After obtaining the engineer officer diploma, you can start working on the ship as:

III Mechanic

Second Assistant Engineer

Earnings from € 3,500 / month


What does a mechanic officer do?

The exact scope of duties often depends on the type of ship and the manner of the mechanics' watches. However, the most common responsibilities of the third mechanic include:

  • precise control of the condition of devices,
  • in accordance with the schedule of replacement of the returned equipment elements,
  • removing the cause of failure,
  • supervising fuel transfers,
  • preparation of the engine room for maneuvers

Traditional watch hours

8:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 17:00
+ Working time in case of failure

An attractive future awaits.

By completing additional courses, you can be promoted and work as:

II Mechanic

earnings from € 5000 / month

An additional requirement is, among others, a second mechanic diploma.


Senior Mechanic

earnings from € 7,000 / month

An additional requirement is the 2nd mechanic diploma and the senior mechanic diploma.

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After receiving the documents, the School Secretariat will contact you to arrange an online interview. The conversation will take place via the Click Meeting platform, to which you will receive a link and instructions, and the possibility of arranging a convenient time for a tour around our facility.

No! With us, you have a much shorter path to your goal and a prestigious profession. You do not have to graduate from university, you do not even have to pass a high school diploma. You only need to finish high school and with our help you will become a Merchant Navy Officer in just two and a half years. The only way to get to your dream job is an exam before the CMKE Central Examination Board, for which we will prepare you well.

This is not required. If you have any doubts about your health, check the contraindications for working at sea here, or visit a doctor authorized to issue marine certificates. Our students prepare a health certificate for the seaman's book between the first and second semester.