What is the financing like?

The total cost of the school is € 9,000 (including courses).

1st year fees

10 installments x 500 PLN

Total: ~ 1000 €

Second year fees

Your Paid Apprenticeship Remuneration pays the remaining fees for the school.

Total: ~ 8000€

Persons who correctly paid

and they have not been able to pay off the full tuition fees, upon graduation they have the option of obtaining a credit invoice and paying the rest of the debt after starting work at sea.

There is a possibility of semester settlements and individually agreed installments after prior arrangements with the Management. Contact us.




What is included in the price of the school?

  • III semesters of theoretical science
  • courses NECESSARY to start a job and receive an Officer diploma with an approximate value of PLN 11,500 (including additional courses in tanker operation + welding for mechanics)
  • learning materials
  • increased number of English language hours
  • access to the library
  • free parking
  • preparatory workshops for recruitment for internships
  • accident insurance
  • end-of-school exam
  • nice and friendly service;)

Available discounts

As our student you can take advantage of two types of discounts that can be combined. In total, you can pay for school as much as 10% less.

5% discount for regular deposits


5% discount for an average above 4.5