Schedule of classes and internships

Duration: V semesters (2.5 years) Internship: semester III and IV




I year

In the first year, learning is the key

The first year of learning is primarily getting to know the ship and its surroundings. You will learn how to structure it, how to navigate, interpret maps, and learn the basics of maritime law.

II year

The second year is an unforgettable experience - you start your sea practice

The 12-month-long paid internship is not only a legal requirement, but also a great opportunity to experience what working at sea is. For the first time, you can test your knowledge in practice.

Semester V

The last semester is the time for formalities

The last, 5th semester is focusing on completing the necessary courses and preparing for the officer's exam.

The final stage is an examination before the Central Maritime Examination Board

After passing the exam, you will receive an internationally recognized diploma of navigator.