Why is it worth choosing the Maritime School?

We can boast many years of experience that we pass on to our students and course participants. At the same time, we are constantly developing and raising the level of education.

Technology of the 21st century at the service of science

Technology that reflects reality.

We have a wide range of devices and software that map the activities and operations performed on sea-going ships.

We have training grounds to conduct various courses, such as fire training.

In our facility you will find high-level laboratories that will support your education.

A dream job in 2.5 years

The short way to your destination

5 years of study is too long, so we will help you become a Merchant Navy Officer in just 2.5 years! (after passing the exam before the CMKE Central Examination Board). Let's not waste any time!


Experienced team of educators and practitioners

The Maritime School employs 130 best specialists in their field, who can boast many years of professional experience in working on ships, in shipping companies and maritime administration.

What else distinguishes the Maritime School?


We are the most experienced post-secondary Maritime School in Poland. We have been operating since 1998.

Pragmatic methods

We’re not wasting time. Three semesters of theoretical education and two semesters of apprenticeship are sufficient to start a career as an officer.

Perfect English

We know how important the English language is in this industry, so anyone who needs additional exercises can count on it

Flexible payment system

You will pay for your tuition from the salary for seafaring. If necessary, you can complete the repayment even after graduation.

Discounts and scholarships

The best students are entitled to a 5% discount for the average area. 4.5.

All in the package

We do all the courses necessary to start a career at sea as a cadet and then an officer.

We help you find internships

We organize recruitment meetings, help fill in the application, and maintain constant contact with shipowners.

The beginning of an adventure

Our school is the perfect start to an interesting, extraordinary profession and career in the maritime industry.

Learn about specializations

Become an Officer Navigator

2,5 year   |   9000 euro

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Become an Officer Mechanic

2,5 year   |   8450 euro

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