Labs & workshops

Navigation lab

The lab is equipped in 24 navigational tables to chart's exercises. we have rich collection of charts (training and real), and publications :Notice to Mariners, Catalogue of Admiralty Charts And Publications, Admiralty list of Lights and Fog Signals, Radio Signals, Admiralty Tide Tables, ect. Tthe lab is connected to the internet, we have subscription of Admirality Digital Publications which is regularly renewed.

Technical navigation lab

it is equipped in radar, electromagnetic log, echosounder, gyrocompass, magnetic compass, GPS and parts of electronical devices for demostration.

Computer lab

34 compuer stations with Seagull Training Library, english laguage training programs. MS office and many more.

Cargo handling lab

Equipment lets for examination of cargo properties, especially combustive fluid cargoes.

We hawe among others:

  • Drager X-am 7000
  • Drager Multiwarn
  • Drager Sulfipack TT (H2S level sensor)
  • Fenzy BIO-SCAPE escape apparatus
  • protective suits for demostration
  • Lab station for experimentation with combustible substances (with fume hood)

Electrotechnical lab

Electrotechnical and measuring devices are used for electronical and electrotechnical exercises on engine department

Medical aid lab

First aid fantoms and medical equipment used for medical exercises (Medical first aid, medical care, GWO and other courses)

We have among others:

  • 2  “Little Anne” fantoms
  • Torso model with removable internal organs
  • AED

Lecture rooms

Rooms are equipped with projectors, diaskops, sound equipment and computers connected to school server with possibility of using  multimedia training programs or materials made by teachers. Each room is connected to internet.

Ship devices workshop

Workshops equipped with a wide range of retired ship equipment and a wide range of tools. We have, among others: 4 valve diesel engine connected to the generator, pumps, centrifuges, power generator, container reefer unit, compressor and balancing machine.

Bosun's workshop

It is equipped in classical and steel ropes and tools necessary for bosun works. Our students learn basic ship's knowledge looked after by experienced bosun